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  • Akko was founded in Shenzhen, China in 2016 with the concept of “lifestyle gaming peripherals”, emphasizing design and building an innovative peripheral brand. “Diversifying the industry” is what motivates Akko founders, who have engaged in the computer peripheral equipment industry and the gaming industry for years with new ideas to “make peripheral more than just a tool” by embodying pop-cultural imagery, color trends, interests, attitudes and cultural elements.

    We offer a wide range of custom mechanical keyboards and parts. Akko is backed up by its robust and integrated supply chain, and is one of the brands with the most diverse selections of mechanical keyboard layouts in the world. It is dedicated to offering comprehensive keyboard size options to users including 108-Key (Full Size), 98-Key, 100-Key (96%), 87-Key (TKL), 84-Key (75%), 68-Key (65%), Alice, 61-Key (60%) arrangements. Our customer-centric mission is that every user is able to find their desired colors, layouts and switches with accessible choice.

    Akko is also the world’s leading keycaps manufacturer with years of experiences in producing PBT Dye-Sublimation and Double-Shot keycaps, which forms a solid base for our keyboard design. Akko offers keycaps with a variety of profiles such as OEM, Cherry, OSA, ASA and ASA-Low, which has brought unique typing experiences for different users and ensure everyone finds comfortable keycaps that fit.

    The website is operated by Shenzhen Yinchen Technology Co., Ltd located in 33 Langbi Rd, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

    Akko Brand History


    Akko joined C.E.S 2024 at Las Vegas, NV.


    Akko announced collaboration with Honkai Impact 3 on gaming peripherals.


    Akko presents its new online driver platform AkkoLink, offering convenience for users who preferred a lightweight app.


    Akko launched the MOD007B HE, the world’s first wireless magnetic switches keyboard that is also compatible with (3-pin) mechanical switches.


    Akko's inaugural exhibition in Brazil marks an exciting milestone. Brazilian tech enthusiasts are eager to explore the concept of custom mechanical keyboards.


    In the heart of Hong Kong, we showcased our products to tech and keyboard enthusiasts around the globe.


    Akko has released their first silent tactile switches, the Akko Penguin Switches along with another linear silent switches Fairy.


    Akko showcased its latest innovations at IFA 2023.


    Akko x Pochacco is LIVE!


    Akko has introduced a new addition to its Sanrio collection - the My Melody 5108S, equipped with the Akko v3 Crystal Pro switches.


    Akko released the world's first keyboard that supports both magnetic switches and any 3-pin mechanical MX style switches, the 7th Anniversary MOD007 PC.


    Akko launched its first 40% layout keyboard, the ACR TOP 40, designed for ultimate minimalism and portability. With QMK/VIA capability, users can greatly enhance the efficiency of their 40% layout by customizing key mappings according to their preferences.


    Akko launched its V3 Pro Switches series with dustproof structure and extra lubes on the rail, providing better out-of-box experiences.


    Akko has adopted the open-source cross-platform keyboard configuration software VIA to its latest line-up 5075S.


    Akko showcased its new releases in the Spring Electronics Fair and Global Source Expo in Hong Kong.


    Akko releases its 5075B v2 Plus series featuring the collaboration theme with Naruto and Dragon Ball.


    Akko announced collaboration with Naraka: Bladepoint on gaming peripherals.


    Akko joined C.E.S 2023 at Las Vegas, NV.


    Akko launched MOD007 PC – a polycarbonate based keyboard with south-facing per-key flex-cut PCB and gasket mount that together produces an ultra flexy typing experience out of box.


    Akko launched Sailor Moon Crystal 5108B Plus, featuring a brand-new white theme design.


    Partnered with Tokidoki, Akko has brought the image of the popular Italian unicorn to the field of mechanical keyboard.


    Akko introduces its sub-brand MonsGeek with the most budget-friendly 75% aluminum keyboard at the time, the M1.


    SPR67 is Akko's first spring mount keyboard (patented in US and China), supported by actual spring with flex-cut PCB for ultimate bouncy typing experiences. It is the flagship product of Akko with a 65% layout, south-facing LED, and a full aluminum case.


    Another collaboration with Sanrio! Akko features the famous Gudetama character on its 5108S hotswap keyboard.


    Akko launched its first all POM switches.


    Akko has added a new member to its Sanrio collection - the Kuromi 5108B Plus, featuring the Beken Plus multi-modes chip that supports BT5.0, 2.4GHz, and Type-C.


    Akko announced collaboration with Taiko no Tatsujin on gaming peripherals.


    Akko introduced the Cinnamoroll 20th Anniversary Series to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Cinnamoroll.


    We introduced MOD006/MOD008 to our MOD DIY Kit family with 3 new colorways including red/sky blue/pearl white.


    Akko launched its new ABS gasket multi-modes keyboard 5075 series, making this a new standard for incoming Akko products.


    Akko introduced its first top-structure products featuring the Year of Tiger Zodiac series.


    Akko launched its economical line of ACR series with barebone and pre-assembled keyboards in various colorways.


    Akko released its first gasket mounted DIY kit on MOD003. The model is compatible with Akko's latest keyboard management software Akko Cloud Driver.


    Akko joined the China Joy 2021 Expo.


    Akko announced collaboration with Spongebob on gaming peripherals.


    Akko launched its first multi-modes keyboards on 3098B/3098N.


    Akko introduced its MOD DIY Kit series following up the launch of MOD001.


    With the help from @Marcustechnology, Akko Discord Server has been set up as an unique community for keyboard enthusiasts and Akko fans.


    Akko's first collaboration with Doraemon on 65% bluetooth hotswappable keyboards.


    Akko introduced its proprietary ASA keycap profile.


    Akko launched its retailer switches for the first time with Matcha Green, Rose Red and Ocean Blue, offering budget options for the keyboard community.


    First collaboration with Sanrio on Hello Kitty keyboards.


    Akko has launched its global store (en.akkogear.com) and formed an indepedent team dedicated for serving global mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. Before the launch of our official global business, Akko products can only be procured from gray market and limited 3rd party sources.


    Akko has featured Honkai Impacts 3rd on 3108v2.


    Akko released its first One Piece themed gaming peripherals.


    Akko has collaborated with the famous Chinese video sharing website Bilibili.


    Akko has partnered with Waigua and released its iconic hamster wireless mice.


    Akko ended business partnership with Ducky and discontinued Akko x Ducky products.


    Akko launched its World Tour Tokyo series products.


    Akko's first hit on anime with Tokyo Ghoul.


    Akko has partnered with DOTA2 Esports team Newbee with new gaming peripherals.


    Akko has partered with Ducky and launched our 3108 series.


    Akko has partered with EDG for League of Legends themed mechanical keyboards and mice.


    Akko launched its first camouflage themed mechanical keyboard.


    Akko was founded on August 15th, 2016 with a group of enthusiasts dedicated to diversifying the industry and make mechanical keyboard as lifestyle gaming peripherals.

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