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  • Common Warranty Terms

    1. Akko Official takes general technical support questions for product sold from all of its authorized distributors.
    2. Akko Official provides direct RMA after-sales service for the product sold from its direct distribution channels.
    3. Akko Official provides One-Year (12-month) warranty from the date of purchase.
    4. If the warranty window expires, customers need to pay for repairs. Akko will also provide instructions if users prefer to repair the keyboard by themselves. However, users shall take full responsibility for any damages happened during self-repair.
    5. Akko will not cover defects resulting from disassembly of our product, improper usage, incorrect installation, non-factory irreversible repairs or modifications, including but not limited to ‘burn-in’ and similar forms of misuse.
    6. The return and warranty policy may vary in different platforms and are subject to the specific distributor at the time of purchase. Unless explicitly stated, the default warranty period is One-Year (12-months)
    7. Warranty terms may vary by products.
    8. Any software or support resources provided by Akko are made available “AS IS” and without warranties of any kind, express or implied.
    9. Warranty is not covered for firmware upgrade failure caused by power outage or connection issues.
    10. If the product is still under warranty but discontinued, Akko will provide equivalent/similiar products (similiar layout/functions) or parts.
    11. In the process of disassembling the keyboard, if scenarios of stripped screws/bolt holes happen due to the lack of suitable tools or appropriate disassembly skills, we will inform the customer with correct screw size. We encourage that customers purchase the screws/thread repair kit in local market. If the issues are caused by product quality, Akko will initiate partial refund to cover the  screws/kit up to $10.


    Precautions: Man-made damage is not limited to immersion, falling off, and pulling off the wires with excessive forces, etc.

    Spill damage will not be covered by warranty.


    Akko DIY Kit Warranty Statement

    For acrylic, PC and aluminum DIY Kits, Akko offers parts replacement (PCB, Hot-swappable Sockets, Plate, Foam, Gaskets etc) because the products don’t come pre-assembled and parts can be easily replaced and assembled. Akko support will help determine the defective part to be shipped.

    Akko is not responsible for parts deeply altered/damaged during modification.


    Akko PCB Replacement Policy  

    The rate of PCB failure is low. For Akko hot-swappable keyboard, please first check to see if the key switch is functional by replacing a known-working key switch. Make sure the pins of key switches are in well contact with the hot-swappable socket.

    Akko will send necessary parts, once the support team determines the issue cannot be fixed. The delivery time cannot be guaranteed for replacement parts.

    Issues such as unregistered keys can be fixed easily by customers with soldering background. For customers without soldering background, Akko suggests that the users look for hobby stores/repair stores for instant repairs to fix the issues.

    We will not replace the PCB if the issue is the following:

    • The hot-swappable sockets have dust that can be cleaned;
    • The switches fall off the hot-swappable sockets and can be installed back.


    Parts Procurement

    If you just want to purchase parts from us for non-warranty covered keyboard repair, please message support@akkogear.com to get the rates.

    For orders placed other than the Akko Official Store, please contact the seller (authorized Akko distributor) for corresponding warranty policy.

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